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What is an Easement?

What is an Easement? An Easement is any nonpossessory interest in the real property of another person. Easements typically run with the land and are not personal to an individual. Example: If Parcel A has an Easement over Parcel B for ingress and egress to a public road, that Easement would run with both Parcel A and Parcel B. Parcel A which is benefited… Read More

What to Expect with Adult Guardianship

What is Adult Guardianship? Adult Guardianship is a formal legal process where the court appoints an individual to act on behalf of a disabled person, property or sometimes both. A qualified licensed professional makes the decision to determine if the handicapped person is no longer capable of making medical or manage their financial assets for them self. There can be no other alternative to… Read More

Why is it Important to Avoid Gaps in Treatment?

  This week Mark Palumbo explains why you should always avoid gaps in treatment when it relates to a Personal Injury claim. Any type of gap during the time you should be treating will cause the insurance company to reevaluate your case and question your injuries. What is a gap in treatment? A gap in treatment is when someone has been instructed by a… Read More

What is Tort Law?

What is Tort Law? A Tort is a civil wrong or a wrongful act whether it be intentional or unintentional that causes damages or injuries. Three Types of Torts There are three main types of Torts. First and most common, is a Negligence case. For example, this could be a car accident or slip and fall incident. Second is a Strict Liability case which is… Read More

What is a Breach of Contract?

  This week, David Weigel explains what it means when there is a breach of contract. What is a Breach of Contract? A breach of contract is when one party to the contract fails to comply with the terms of the contract. This means a party has failed to do something they were obligated to do, or they are doing something they had undertaken… Read More

3 Common Myths About Divorce Court

This week, Stephanie Noronha explains the truth behind three common myths regarding divorce. Myth #1: Adultery It is a common myth that if one spouse commits adultery, they forfeit their right to any marital assets.  This is not the case in Maryland,  the only time the court considers adultery is when it is going through the multiple factors to determine if alimony is appropriate.  It is… Read More