Why is it Important to Avoid Gaps in Treatment?

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This week Mark Palumbo explains why you should always avoid gaps in treatment when it relates to a Personal Injury claim. Any type of gap during the time you should be treating will cause the insurance company to reevaluate your case and question your injuries.

What is a gap in treatment?

A gap in treatment is when someone has been instructed by a doctor to seek further medical treatment because of their injuries and fail to complete the full length of treatment or takes breaks in between.

Why should you avoid taking breaks in between treatments?

Mark Palumbo suggests at your initial consultation that it is highly recommended to follow through with all of your medical treatment. If the Insurance company notices you are taking long breaks or otherwise deviate from your treatment plan, they will evaluate your case and could question how serious your injuries are.


If you are instructed by a doctor to go to physical therapy for eight weeks, twice a week you should do so. If you are told by a doctor to take a break from treatment that is acceptable, otherwise you should not be making that decision on your own.

In conclusion, it is important to follow the instructions you are given by a doctor regarding your medical treatment as if you don’t, that can affect your case.

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