How Are Lost Wages Calculated?

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When I represent people in personal injury cases, they sometimes wonder what factors go into evaluating these claims.  Two major factors are considered; medical bills and lost wages.

Medical Bills

Most people realize that their Medical bills will be a factor in their claim. In addition, we look at the impact on your life that your injuries have caused. It is important to have documentation of the medical costs so that this number can be calculated.

Lost Wages

Lost Wages are the wages you did not earn during the time you are injured. For example, if you were to miss three days from work we would calculate the value of those lost hours to your income. The calculations are fairly simple. In this case,  you would just take what you would have made in those three days of work and include that number in your claim. Even if you used your paid sick leave for the time off, that still factors into the claim because you have lost that time in benefits.

For a more severe incident that causes someone may not be able to go back to work at their regular job. In those cases, we have to calculate the future lost wages and include that in the claim.

In conclusion

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