What are the Top 3 Things I Can Do To Prepare For My Case?

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This week Michael O’Shea shares the top three strategies you can do to prepare for your case. Following these easy steps can help to ensure that your case will be as strong as possible.

Gather All Evidence For Your Case

You will want to start by accumulating all evidence regarding the matter. This includes all documents, ledgers,  videos, etc. Your attorney will want to see these items to help prepare for the case.

Gather Witnesses For Your Case

The second step you can take is gathering a list of any potential witnesses and information they may have regarding the facts. A witness is someone who has gathered information, witnessed an event, prepared a document or has done an inspection relating to your case. Your attorney will want to talk these witnesses and decide if your witnesses should be called in the case.

Avoid Social Media

Lastly, you will want to avoid any comments and/or thoughts on social media sites as this can benefit the Opposing Party.  Many people do know that comments on social media can waive your attorney-client confidentiality or harm your case.

In conclusion, make sure that you follow these three simple and effective steps to help your case.

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