What is a Restrictive Covenant?

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What is a Restrictive Covenant?

A Restrictive Covenant is a restriction that is placed on land that limits the uses to which that land can be put. Typically they are created by and recorded by subdivision developers to ensure that the subdivision develops in accordance with a common scheme or purpose.

Types of Limitations

For example, limitations on the uses that parcels in a subdivision can be put like a single family residence. Other examples include architectural controls like colors that can be used or roof materials. There may also be restrictions on animals and livestock.

Homeowner Associations

A set of Restrictive Covenants can set forth the creation of a Homeowner Association. This will detail the duties and powers of that Homeowner Association. In addition, the Restrictive Covenants will set the annual fees and special assessments that the Homeowner Association may levy.

Special Conditions

Restrictive Covenants are enforcible against the owners of the lots in perpetuity unless they are rescinded or abolished. By statute, it is required that all potential buyers for a parcel of land in a subdivision with Restricted Covenants must be given a copy of those documents.

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