The Legal Minute

The Legal Minute

Do I Need a Lawyer For My Real Estate Transaction?

What about the Real Estate Industry? Some Real Estate experts believe that selling/buying Real Estate during the holidays can be an exciting, rewarding, and – most importantly – SUCCESSFUL venture!

Oh yes, and – as always – Davis, Upton & Palumbo, LLC has YOUR best interest in mind when dealing with Real Estate transactions! Here’s David C. Weigel, Esq breaking down the Law/Real Estate relationship, and why it might be a good idea to hire Legal Counsel! Enjoy!

What is my Automobile Accident Case Worth?

Thanksgiving is upon us! The Davis, Upton & Palumbo, LLC  family would like to wish everyone safe travels, and a Very Happy Turkey Day!!! Speaking of safe travels: Did you know that Thanksgiving topped Forbes’ list of “Most Dangerous Holidays”. With that in mind, this week’s Legal Minute features Attorney Mark J. Palumbo enlightening us all about auto-accidents! Enjoy!

Taxable Estate vs. Probate Estate

This week’s Legal Minute features Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty LLC’s Managing Member, Mark J. Davis, Esq. Mr. Davis is no stranger when it comes to Probate Law. In fact, Mark is considered to be amongst the most elite Probate/Estate Administration attorneys in Southern Maryland. In this week’s Legal Minute segment, Mark distinguishes the differences between Taxable & Probate Estates – a necessary distinction when considering Probate.

Often times, major legal-decisions are obstructed by complex, hard to understand, judicial-language – i.e. “lawyer lingo.” For this very reason, many people are likely to hesitate in (even refrain entirely from) making critically important legal-decisions. At Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty, LLC., we strive to NOT ONLY provide you with a level of service & professionalism we – ourselves – might expect; we also make a point to EDUCATE our clients about the process from start to finish. In doing so, our clients experience a level of satisfaction before, during, and after we represent them.

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

What is my Personal Injury Case Worth? In a personal injury case, the injured party (the plaintiff) may receive an award against the individual or company (the defendant) that is legally responsible for the accident. Oftentimes, this is accomplished through a settlement between the Plaintiff’s attorney and the Defendant – or the Defendants insurance provider. If a settlement cannot be reached, the opposing parties will participate in a trial, wherein a Judge or Jury will determine the award – if any – the Plaintiff should receive.

This week’s Legal Minute is brought to you by Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty, LLC Partner, Mark J. Palumbo, Esq. Mark has recovered millions-of-dollars for his clients, and is considered among the most elite Personal Injury attorneys in Southern Maryland. Moreover, this past year Mr. Palumbo was selected to the 2013 Maryland Super lawyers list; wherein no more than five percent of the lawyers in the state were selected! Congratulations, Mark!

Interrogatories & Depositions

What are Interrogatories and Depositions? Welcome to another installment of Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty, LLC’s video series, The Legal Minute! This week, David C. Weigel, Esq. describes two legal-devices by which opposing parties gather evidence from one another, i.e. Interrogatories & Depositions. Enjoy!