The Legal Minute

The Legal Minute

What is Contributory Negligence?

What is Contributory Negligence? Can I Recover from my Personal Injury/Auto Accident Claim? Welcome back to another EXCITING edition of The Legal Minute! This week’s Legal Minute features Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty, LLC Partner, Mark J. Palumbo, Esq. Mark explains what Contributory Negligence is; when Contributory Negligence is relevant; and why it should matter to you!

What Happens if a Person Dies Without a Will?

What happens if I die without a will? Who will inherit my estate? Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty have the ANSWERS to your most pressing questions!!! On this week’s exciting edition of THE LEGAL MINUTE, Mark J. Davis, Esq., managing member of Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty elucidates and demystifies the condition(s) surrounding Intestacy;and what it means for your spouse, children, and potential heirs!

What are PIP and MEDPAY?

What is Personal Injury Protection? What is MedPay? Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty have the answers to your questions!!! This week’s Legal Minute segment features renown trial lawyer, Mark J. Palumbo, Esq. discussing the difference between the two Auto Insurance Coverage Options; and the reasons why it’s a good idea for YOU to incorporate them into your current Car Insurance Policy!

Introducing: The Legal Minute Video Series

Davis, Upton, Palumbo & Dougherty, LLC is excited to announce a new mini series – The Legal Minute! Every Wednesday afternoon we will be releasing a video answering a commonly asked question that we receive in our office. Don’t forget to leave a comment when you watch – we would love to hear from you!