Are Your Interview Questions Appropriate?

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This week, Denise Bowman explains how to ensure your interview questions don’t result in a claim against your company.

It is important to carefully consider all of your interview questions when looking for a new employee. The best-intended questions can get you in trouble if you are not aware of the state, local and federal laws that regulate the questions prospective employers can ask.

What should you avoid?

Interviews should be designed to find the best candidate for the position available within your company. There are several questions that should not be asked during the interview process, application or any testing process for a job. Some examples of topics that are off limits include questions that may reveal national origin, citizenship, age, gender, race, religious beliefs, drinking habits, arrest record or military discharge status. The focus must stay on the job requirements and how each candidate has performed in the past.

How can you prepare?

Denise suggests that it is important to have a carefully planned outline of the questions you intend to ask.  Creating a structured interview process that will be the same for all candidates will ensure equal treatment for all candidates and help protect your company.

In conclusion, making sure that everyone involved in the interview process understands your guidelines is an important step in finding your next successful employee.

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