What to Know About Adult Guardianship

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What is Adult Guardianship?

Adult Guardianship is a formal legal process where the court appoints an individual to act on behalf of a disabled person, property or sometimes both. A qualified licensed professional makes the decision to determine if the handicapped person is no longer capable of making medical or manage their financial assets for them self. There can be no other alternative to guardianship including a Power of Attorney or a Medical Advanced Directive.

Types of Adult Guardianship

There are two types of Adult Guardianship, Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Property.

Guardian of the Person

When you are appointed a Guardian of a Person, you will be responsible for making the medical healthcare decisions along with everyday living arrangements for the disabled person.

Guardian of the Property

The second type of Adult Guardian is a Guardian of Property. As the Guardian of the Property, you are responsible for the disabled person(s) financial assets.

In conclusion, you should be aware of your responsibilities when appointed to be an adult guardian whether it be a person or a persons property.

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