Why do you Need an Employee Handbook?

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An employee handbook is given to employees by the employer to communicate the organization culture, mission, and values. Creating an employee handbook can seem like a daunting task, fortunately, many benefits come from having one. All employee handbooks should be customized to fit your organization and how you conduct business. Copying another employer’s handbook or one you find online can cause more harm than good.

Benefits of an Employee Handbook
  1. Communicates what is expected of an employee. For example, what are the procedures are for requesting time off, who should they go to if they have a question or complaint and what are the responsibilities of employees.
  2. Demonstrates what an employee can expect from management/leadership, everyone will be treated equally.
  3. Sells the employer, this refers to any benefits you are offered. This includes vacation time, 401K and health insurance.
  4. Communicates compliance with federal and state laws. The policy should include anti-discrimination, anti-harassment provisions. This demonstrates to the employee that the employer is attempting to comply.
  5. Help defends against employee claims. This shows the organization exercised “reasonable care” towards the employees.

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