What is a Suspended Sentence?

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What is a Suspended Sentence?

During criminal cases, often times a judge will impose a suspended sentence. A suspended sentence is an opportunity for a judge to impose a sentence but not make the person serve that full amount of time.


A common example of a suspended sentence is when someone is charged with a DWI. If the max penalty for a DWI is one year, the judge can impose a one year sentence but suspend all but 30 days. This means the person will only have to serve 30 days out of the one year sentence.

However, the court will put that person on probation for a period of time. If the terms of the probation are violated then they will go back and serve the remaining 11 months of the sentence. Mark Palumbo always recommends complying with the terms of probation or you will risk going back and serving the remainder of the suspended sentence.

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