What is the FIT Program?

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What is the FIT Program?

Stephanie Noronha explains the FIT program or Families In Transition program. In cases that involve custody disputes, the court will typically order the parents to attend a FIT program.

FIT program purpose


The FIT program is designed to teach parents the emotional stress that their children sometimes go through as they during a separation and divorce. This can help parents to better understand the experience of their children. Also, these programs teach a lot of helpful skills. For example, the FIT program focuses on improving communication skills between the parents.


In addition, the court will order the parties to attend mediation. The court will appoint a court mediator and the parties will be required to attend sessions with the mediator.  The parties are required to make a good faith effort to work with each other to try to reach an agreement on custody. If they do reach an agreement, they will have the agreement put in writing, executed and submitted to the court.

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